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Please Advocate Self-discipline! Appealing from Sammoon Lighting

It is a universally acknowledged status quo that the price and quality system of auto lighting industry is in mess. Owing to the factors as the encouraging state policy, the developing science and the lifting living demands, auto lighting industry has been developed rapidly in recent years. Especially with the LED illumination downstream application industry becoming more concentrated, a vicious competition cycle begins, regardless of the prospects of the industry future.

To auto lighting system, technology R&D is the core which influences the base of the whole industry and market demands. On the other hand, product quality and service is the key to the development of the enterprise and industry. Nevertheless, there are still many enterprises spare no efforts to survive and compete, by reducing production cost via adopting secondary materials, throwing out R&D, with low price and low quality, to strike the market. Although it brings potential profit for few enterprises within their business areas, this kind of practice is actually doing great harm to the interests of consumers, affecting the reputation of lighting industry as well.

Sammoon Lighting, as a leading enterprise in auto lighting industry, its leader believes that this kind of practice is only a short-term interest, regardless of the future development of the overall industry. As a Chinese saying goes: Kill the goose that lays golden eggs. It is a craze to reap some profit before the national standard introduced. To mass the big market by small doings, to gain self-interests of individual enterprise by destructing the market rules, it is obviously unadvisable for every enterprise which pursues a long-term good reputation and establishing a century company.

Therefore, recently, many enterprises, led by Sammoon Lighting who goes in a brand route, begin to appeal that all auto lighting enterprises should follow the correct enterprise management ideas, to take customer satisfaction in first consideration and establish a benign competition order. Only by this, can the whole industry develop much longer and healthier, and therefore can the consumer market get more high quality products and services!


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