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A fifth of cars will be sold online by 2015

Many motorists buy their car lights and bulbs on the internet, but by 2015,one in five cars will also be purchasedonline, according to GForces.

The web management company for the automotive sector believes that, ratherthan going to a dealership to test drive the desired car then sign on the dotted line,motorists will increasingly read online reviews from trusted outlets, find the best priceand then pay for their new car over the internet.

Tim Smith, commercial director at GForces,said:"People are more comfortable with purchasing large products online."

He went on to say that improving vehicle quality and extended warranties have made the test drive less important than it once was.

Those not seeking a new vehicle but looking on the internet for products thatwill keep their vehicles running smoothly and safely on the roads should consider purchasing replacement car bulbs.

The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989 dictates that, by law, vehicles cannot be driven unless their car lights are functioning and clean.

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