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LED Fluorescent Tube Replacements from LED Light Imports

 Enormous monetary savings can be made when using LED fluorescent tubes to replace general illumination in areas such as warehouses, offices, retail outlets, schools and car parks.

  Apart from electricity savings, the longevity of LEDs, means the maintenance costs, including the labour involved in replacing traditional tubes, are reduced significantly and thus, the replacement or installation of LED tubes over fluorescent Lighting becomes very cost effective.

  T8 Long Life LED Fluorescent Tubes
  This LED lighting offers five times the longer life than that of traditional fluorescent tubes with over 50,000 hours of life.
Additionalbenefits include:

    . Energy Efficient - Up to 80% more efficient than fluorescent tubes.
    . Installation - Simple installation with minor wiring modification and fits all existing T8 fittings with no ballast necessary.
    . Durable - LEDs are not made of fragile glass and therefore do not break easily.
    . Environmentally Friendly - Unlike fluorescent tubes, no mercury is used in the manufacture of LEDs.
    . Start Up - LEDs start instantly regardless of temperature or conditions unlike fluorescent tubes.
    . Flicker Free - LEDs can eliminate eye strain or headaches associated with fluorescent lighting.
    . Interference Free - Perfect for settings where precise instruments can be disturbed by fluorescent tubes.
    . Less Lumen Degradation - As all lights age their lumens degrade which means the light gradually gets dimmer.  
      LEDs’ lumen degradation is significantly less than that of fluorescent tubes.
    . Less Heat Production - led lighting produces very little heat, unlike traditional fluorescent tubes, leading to reduced

  LED fluorescent tubes are especially good for the environment with their energy efficiency and mercury free manufacture.


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